Stoneware Q & A

What is stoneware?

Stoneware is a type of clay. It is fired to a very high temperature (2400° F). The nature of this particular clay and the fact that it is high fired makes it extremely strong, durable, and nonporous. It is ideally suited for outdoor as well as interior sculpture.

What maintenance is required?

None. However, birds often love to perch on these sculptures. If there are droppings, they can be washed off unless one enjoys that integration of nature and sculpture. If you live in a heavily wooded area, algae may add a green patina to the sculpture. This can be washed off with plain water.

Can stoneware sculpture remain outdoors in winter?

Definitely! If snow accumulates on the sculpture, it can give the sculpture a new and exciting appearance. However, if the sculpture has an opening in which snow can collect and freeze, it would be wise to put plastic over it for the months of heavy snow.